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AC Cars






AC Cars Group Ltd. er en engelsk bilprodusent, og et av de eldste bilmerkene i England.

  • Det gjorde ingenting at han ikke så bra, han kjørte etter lyden av hennes AC Cobra
  • Gutta snøfta «den æ’kke SÅ bra!», men de sikla stygt på min AC Cobra
  • Etter år som offer for bilhorn-maset, kjørte han fra røkla i en helt ny AC


Wikipedia om AC Cars


History: The A.C. company commenced operations with a small threewheeled commercial vehicle known as the » Autocarrier,» not making its first passenger model, the A.C. » Tricar » with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine, until 1909. Immediately before the First World War a fourwheeled car was produced which re-appeared in 1919, at first using a four-cylindered Anzani engine, but the latter was soon afterwards replaced by   six-cylinder engine, for the design of which the great six-cylinder enthusiast and pioneer, S. F. Edge, was largely responsible. This model was the first light car to carry a sixcylinder engine, and among its more notable records may be mentioned its speed of 104-19 m.p.h. in 1924, and the covering of 2,000 miles by Gillett at an average speed of 82-58 m.p.h. Early use was made by this company of aluminium and light alloys. The engine block of the 1919 sixcylinder was a single light alloy casting which proved so successful that it has remained the basic type of A.C. power unit ever since.

In 1928 four new models were offered. These included a two-seater with a 69 mm. X 100 mm. four-cylinder engine rated at 11-8 h.p. ; two types of 2/4-seater cars powered by 11-7 and 15-7 h.p. six-cylinder engines; and the » S.F.E. Special,» also with the 15-7 h.p. six-cylinder engine. The 15-7 h.p. 2/4-seater six-cylinder was available with either Touring or Saloon Body. The following year saw the continuance of the 15-7 h.p. sixes as  tourers or saloons, whilst in 1930 the » Royal » and » Magna » types appeared, both carrying the 15-7 h.p. (1991 c.c.) six-cylinder engine. These two types continued into 1932 with almost the same specifications. They  persisted until 1934, though under the type name » Ace,» when the » A.C. Ace » and the » A.C. Ace Sports » models appeared. Three new models were introduced in 1936, three in 1937, three in 1938, and four in 1939, which  latter included the » 16/60,» the » 16/60 long wheel-base » model, and the » 16/80 Sports » which was also available with a 16/90 h.p. Arnott Supercharged engine. By 1955, six models were offered, including a  threewheeler. The Ace and Aceca were available with the Bristol 2-litre engine.

En A.C. Ace Sports

En A.C. Ace Sports

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