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Allard Motor Company




Allard Motor Company var en britisk bilprodusent som ble stiftet i 1936 av Sydney Allard. Selskapet produserte omkring 1900 biler før det ble nedlagt i 1966.


  • Ikke akkurat en bil for Ola og Kari, du ser ikke mange Allard Safari

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Allard Motor Co., Ltd.,
24-28, Clapham High Street,
London, S.W.4, England.


History: The concentration of motor manufacturing interests in the hands of the » Big Six » made it difficult for individual makers of new cars to enter the industry— particularly with a cheaply priced car. None the less, some bold spirits launched new products, including the H.R.G., the Invicta, the Alta, the Railton, the Jensen, and the Allard. Sidney H. Allard built the Allard Special in 1936, basing its design on the 1934 T.T. Ford » V8.» The Allard family were already Ford dealers, so quite naturally he used as many Ford parts as possible. Allard’s pre-war models were powered either by Ford » V8 » or Lincoln » V12 » engines. After the war the Ford » V8 » continued to be used as the standard power unit, though larger models were made to take other American » V8 » engines. The first Allard was an open four-seater, but it was later remodelled with a two-seater body on a shorter chassis. Encouraged by its success, Sidney Allard decided to build cars commercially, and although subsequent Allards were assembled with certain Ford components as well as the engine, the Allard was, and still is, a motor-car in its own right. Since 1945 the Allard has won many further competition successes, including international events such as the Monte Carlo, the Alpine and the Lisbon Rallies, hill-climbing in Switzerland, and victories in British events. The post-war Allard range included a characteristic two-seater sports car powered with a Mercury » V8 » engine in which an interesting feature was the fact that it incorporated a De Dion type rear cxle, which cut the unsprung weight and helped to produce very fast starts — a vital point in a competition car. The Mark II Palm Beach introduced in 1956 was the first model made by the company which did not use the traditional divided axle form of independent front suspension.


Allard Palm Beach Mark II Sports

Allard Palm Beach Mark II Sports 1958

Allard Gran Turismo Coupe:

Allard Gran Turismo Coupe:

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